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Milestone – Tiara Reliability User Conference Through the Years 2017

As Reliability Engineering and Condition Monitoring based company that has been established since 1995, PT. Tiara Vibrasindo Pratama always try to innovate and facilitate reliability engineering and condition monitoring practitioners in Indonesia. Thus, we created this place and facility for all reliability practitioners to share Best Practice that has been done by each companies. Best Practice is a process, procedure and execution that has been proved as solutions. This place is more well-known as Tiara Reliability User Conference (TRUC).

TRUC was first held successfully in Bandung in 2007. In Tiara Reliability User Conference, in order to make all participants have huge ownership towards the conference, together all participants formulate best practices which will be able to be implemented back at their own company.

TRUC has 3 main purposes:

  • Center of Excellence in Reliability Engineering and Condition Monitoring Field

TRUC as center of excellence and information about technology, competency and business process for the development of Reliability Engineering and Condition Monitoring in Indonesia, by sharing Best Practice that can be implemented nationally in Indonesia.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Through TRUC, all industry practitioners, academics and business doer, spare their time to contribute in this conference with the hope that Best Practice that has been formulated will be able to optimize Indonesian industry’s asset. TRUC also have a lot of contribution of Reliability Engineering and Condition Monitoring practitioners’ development.

  • Brotherhood for Reliability Engineering and Condition Monitoring Practitioners.

TRUC as community to get to know each other as reliability practitioners. We see the needs of this community because all these practitioners basically become the agent of change for their industry to optimize asset maintenance, management and performance. They need to change time based approach become condition based approach, from institution to information, and from cost to risk.

TRUC has been held every year consistently in some of big cities around Indonesia. We will continue making this conference proudly and keep on providing best community with the best facilities where all reliability practitioners and experts could meet and discuss best practice for Indonesia industry.

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