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Reliability Competency

Oil Analysis for Predictive Maintenance


To improve reliability of plant, many companies implement predictive maintenance program that using various technology to monitor machine health and eliminate at least reduce unplanned breakdown and extend MTBF of machine. As Vibration, oil analysis is important technology in monitoring critical machine. Gearbox and turbine are examples machines that more powerful if monitored using oil analysis technology.

Common problem that occurred are method and procedure of sampling oil, interpretation of oil analysis report and non integration of oil analysis report with other technology like vibration. This course explain how to good sample method, how to analyze data, interpreted report and how to integrate oil analysis data with vibration to build comprehensive report.


This course is designed for :

  1. All maintenance professionals
  2. Predictive maintenance technicians
  3. Reliability engineers
  4. Maintenance manager
  5. Vibration Instrument specialists
  6. Maintenance supervisors
  7. Laboratory Analysts


This course is designed for participant in order to improve knowlegde and skill in;

  1. Read and understand oil analysis report
  2. Understanding if you are using the wrong oil
  3. Squeeze maximum life out lubrication
  4. Set optimum oil analysis limit
  5. Capable to take oil sampling with correct method and procedure
  6. Have capability to analyze and building report

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