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"Pada saat mengikuti acara TRUC 2010 di Jogjakarta, putri saya lahir. Untuk mengenang moment itu saya beri nama putri saya Tiara Aulia Azizah"

Engineer, PLN KIT Cilegon

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PT. Tiara Vibrasindo pratama is a well-established consulting, services and sales company in industrial maintenance field. Our company mission is to answer the growing need of plant maintenance optimization.

As the world is getting more competitive, maintenance becomes the single-largest controllable cost among other production cost factor. Therefore in order to achieve the world-class maintenance operation, industry need to implement integrated solution of management technology expertise support.

Unlike most maintenance technology suppliers which is selling equipment as one of their several business interests, Tiara focuses all efforts to give the best solution for your machinery problem. Tiara ensures success by committing to each project, professionals that understand the specific industrial machinery problems. These professionals are able to interact effectively with the clients, conducting thorough analysis of the problem and recommending the best solution.

In more than 17 years of continuously excellent services, Tiara has built a strong network of maintenance experts and specialists from Indonesia, Singapore, US, South Africa and Germany. Tiara is also supported by several world-leading manufacturers and suppliers of maintenance products and condition monitoring equipment.

about our engineering division
Reliability service provided by Tiara all this time is backed up by a solid, experience, and dynamic team of Tiara's engineer. These men behind Tiara succesfull services, consist a young and professional engineer ready to seek a new and greater challenge everytime

About Our beloved website
Tiaravib.com is a website that built, developed, control and maintain internally by IT division of PT Tiara Vibrasindo Pratama (TVP). As one of important division in TVP, we realize that a website also a representation of our company, because of that matter, we take seriously every aspect of this website.

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