Tiara Vibrasindo Pratama

Tiara has been dealing with reliability improvement initiative since 1995. In our journey, we have developed ourselves from merely a PdM tools trading company to a Reliability Integrator & Consulting company, furthermore, we still stick to our mission as your partner is answering the growing need of plant reliability optimization.
In more than 20 years of continuously excellent services, Tiara has built a strong network of maintenance expert and specialist from Indonesia, Singapore, USA, South Africa and Germany. Tiara also supported by several world-leading manufacturers and supplier of maintenance product and condition monitoring equipment.

Unlike most maintenance technology suppliers which are selling equipment as one of their interest, Tiara focused all effort to give the best solution to your problem. Tiara ensures success by committing to each project, professional consultant that understands the specific industrial machinery reliability improvement. These professionals are able to interact effectively with client, conducting through analysis of the problem and recommending the best solution. We also equipped our consultant with complete PdM tools and technology, which include vibration analyzer, Tribology, MCSA, Partial Discharge and IR Thermograph in order to provide the integrated multi technology solution and ensure the analysis precision result.

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