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Reliability Competency

Diagnostic Faults in Electrical Motor


This course will study about detecting fault in Electrical Motor. Students will learn how to identify motor-related electrical faults such as broken or cracked rotor bars, high-resistance joints, voids in aluminum cast rotors, stator winding shorts, and voltage unbalance in AC induction motors using a current clamp as well as vibration analysis.


Condition monitoring engineer, vibration engineer, rotating engineer, data collector technician, and everyone who involve in predictive maintenance department are highly recomended on this course.


  • Understand the relationship between current flow and the creation of a magnetic field
  • Understand how induction motors, synchronous motors, and DC motors work
  • Understand how Variable Frequency Drivers (VFD) work
  • Describe how an electrical proble can look like a 2x or 4x peak in spectra
  • Describe how misalignment can invoke an electrical problem in a motor
  • Describe the cause of 3 types of sidebands from electrical motors

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