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Basic Vibration Analysis


This course provides vibration analysis knowledge that guide student to identify mechanical problem using vibration technology. Student will be guided how to analyze vibration data and identify machinery problem like unbalance, misalignment, mechanical looseness, resonance, soft foot, bearing problem, gear, pump and hydraulic problem and how to create database, route and take data properly.


This course is intended for the student who desires an integrated, hands-on approach to vibration analysis. It is an introductory-level course, but prior understanding of basic vibration concepts is recommended.

This course is highly recommended for condition monitoring engineer, vibration engineer, rotating engineer, data collector technician, and everyone who involve in predictive maintenance department.


After following this course, student will get knowledge how to take data properly, diagnose failure correctly and build good report and recommendation. It is very important especially for people who in charge as vibration analyst or involve in predictive maintenance so there is no misanalysis or doubt to give recommendation to other department.

Training Schedule


March 2019

3 Days

Basic Vibration Analysis


July 2019

3 Days

Basic Vibration Analysis


November 2019

3 Days

Basic Vibration Analysis

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