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Reliability Competency

Balancing Rotating Machinery


This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills so that you can use a vibration analyzer/balancer, or a simple sheet of graph paper and protractor, and balance a machine – without even having to remove it from the plant.  You will learn how to recognize unbalance and set up the balance job for a successful balance.  We will start with the basics, providing an introduction to vibration, phase and vectors, and fully explain the balancing process.  You will learn how to balance a machine using the single-plane and two-plane balance function of your analyzer, after you first learn how to perform a single plane balance with vectors.  You will watch a demonstration of the balance process, and you will be able to try it for yourself.


with a fully explaination on the balancing process, this course is recommended for Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance Staff and also engineer such as Rotating Engineer and Condition Monitoring Engineer.

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