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Advanced Vibration Analysis


This course is further level after basic vibration level. Attendees will get tutorial and depth understanding about data processing system that work on analyzer, advanced analysis for machinery problem both mechanical and electrical that triggered by mechanical problem. In this course,  tutor will present how to analyzer problem with integrate data spectrum, waveform characteristics, phase readings and machinery operating parameters.

The class covers advanced resonance detection using a variety of testing methods, including triggered data collection. Tutor also will presnt transient analysis form data that captured when run-up or run-down.


This course is intended for the student who has attended basic vibration analysis at the same level. This course is highly recommended for condition monitoring engineer, vibration specialist, rotating engineer.


After following this course student can develop vibration anlaysis procedure, equipment database, and build a good reporting. Attendees will have capabilities to analyze at advance level by integrate data; spectrum, waveform, phase, transient, and trending. Attendees also will get depth knowledge about data processing as sampling rate, windowing, averaging and band and envelope alarm limit.

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