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ISO Vibration Course and Certification Category I


In select locations and dates we offer a hybrid version of the Category I course that includes an extra day of hands-on practice with a data collector. In order to squeeze in some hands-on time in the classroom we will ask you to cover the first two sections of the course (Maintenance Practices and Condition Monitoring) online before you arrive at the course. Rather than spending a full 1/2 day on these two topics in the classroom as we do in a typical Category I course, in the Hands-On course we will simply do a quick review of these sections and answer any questions you may have had from your online review of the topics. We will also extend the course to last a four full days including the two hour exam. This will give you plenty of time to understand the Category I topics as well as get plenty of hands-on time with a data collector.


If you have been performing vibration analysis for less than one year, or if you have been collecting vibration readings and leaving the analysis to another person, then this course is for you.  This course is also designed for reliability engineers, PdM program managers, and other maintenance staff who would like to understand condition monitoring with a focus on vibration analysis, and take the ISO or ASNT exam.

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