Category: Asset Wellness Analysis

Reciprocating Engine and Compressor Analysis

What is  Reciprocating Engine and Compressor Analysis? Reciprocating machine analysis to find abnormality on valve etc How do we do it? Monitoring vibration vs pressure vs ultrasound vs combustion timing

Machinery Lubricant Analysis

What is Machinery Lubricant Analysis? Oil sampling Lubricant condition analysis Wear analysis How do we do it? Minilab 53 Third party oil lab:  Syslab, Petrolab

Infrared Thermography Analysis

What is Infrared Thermography Analysis? Abnormal temperature value with source of the abnormality How do we do it? Qualitative and quantitave analysis of thermal difference

Switchgear Monitoring

What is Switchgear Monitoring? Diagnostic faults in switchgear cubicle or other electrical cubicles such as electrical tracking/treeing Insulation defect, arcing, partial discharge, and corona How do we do it? Transient earth voltage and ultrasound measurement, PRPD plot and waveform

Electrical Analysis for Induction motors

What is Electrical Analysis for Induction motors? Diagnostic faults in induction motors covering identification of cracked rotor bar and high resistant joints Unbalance voltage and current. How do we do it? Motor current signature analysis (MCSA) Percentage of voltage and current imbalance Harmonics and power spectral density waveform.

Tan Delta Analysis

What is Tan Delta Analysis? Capacitance and dissipation factor measurement and analysis for generators, motors, and transformers. How do we do it? Offline test: Quarzteq, Omicron

Partial Discharge Analysis

What is Partial Discharge Analysis? Partial Discharge Generator, Motor  and Transformer How do we do it? Online test: IRIS, Eaton Offline test: Omicron, Quarzteq